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July 2017
Trinfo Stories/Youth Programming

Summer Programming @ Neighborhood Schools with Community Partners

Trinfo Cafe has worthwhile partnership with Organized Parents Make A Difference (OPMAD) to bring the children participating in their after school programs computer training. Although we offer Computer Literacy courses to adults at Trinfo Cafe, we also work with young students to broaden their imagination and help them learn and understand the proper ways of using a computer. During the summer of 2018, Trinfo Cafe partnered with OPMAD and used the theme of superheroes to teach 5th and 6th graders about internet research and broadening creativity. The four week program was hosted at two schools The Environmental Sciences Magnet School and E. B. Kennelly School. As the kids learned about a variety of young heroes, they also learned about superheroes that they aspired to be like or enjoyed watching; all while using the computer to research valuable information on people who have done heroic things in the world as well as creating their own heroes!