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Meet the Team with Lori Reynolds

We are so excited to have Lori Reynolds join us this fall as the Communications and Program Assistant at the Liberal Arts Action Lab. Lori comes to the Lab with education and experience in communications, digital media, and project management. In her role in the Lab, Lori is integral to student, faculty, and partner recruiting, communications with the Trinity and Hartford communities, and event management at 10 Constitution Plaza. In her role as Communications and Program Assistant, Lori also works with our partner CTData Collaborative.

Where are you from? What has your educational and professional journey looked like before joining the Liberal Arts Action Lab (LAAL)?
Lori Reynolds is the Communications and Program Assistant at the Liberal Arts Action Lab

I was born and raised in Connecticut. I graduated from Lynn University with a Bachelor of Arts in International Communications. Before joining the Liberal Arts Action Lab, I worked as a paraprofessional, direct support staff, and project manager for the West Indian Social Club of Hartford Inc.

What are your interests and passions?

I love podcasts! Podcasts are my top entertainment choice, especially during my commute. Outside of podcasts, I’m interested in traveling more.

What projects or initiatives are you looking forward to working on at the LAAL?

For the Spring 2022 semester, I’m looking forward to working on the Youth Development Project with ConnectiKids. I’ve seen the outstanding work this organization has done through the years and I hope this research gives insight on how to continue and expand their great work in the city of Hartford.

What are favorite places in Hartford?

This is an extremely hard one! Hartford has a lot of hidden gems, but the Artists Collective holds a special place in my heart. Through the Artists Collective, thousands of children and teens, including me, have been offered the highest quality training in the performing arts – dance, theater, music, and visual arts – that emphasizes the cultural and artistic contributions of the African Diaspora.

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