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New Safety Rules

Effective October 1, 2020, this guidance can be modified as conditions at the College, in Hartford, or the State of Connecticut change.

When entering Trinfo...

  • Stay home if you feel sick
  • Sanitize your hands
  • Keep your mask on at all times, covering the nose and chin (2 strike rule for improper use; first time is a warning, second you leave)
  • Temperature check
  • Sign in to Accutrack
  • Respect social distancing
  • Follow all signs in the facility

Restroom Use....

  • We encourage all patrons to use sanitizing solution before and after use
  •  Wash/sanitize your hands after use

Eating or drinking in the social space...

  • Eating food will not be allowed in the facility
  • Drinks will be allowed ONLY when sitting on the back table
  • When using the social space, respect all signs and only sit where there’s a green sticker
  • Kitchen access only for staff.  No access to the water dispenser at this time.

When using the computers...

Sanitize the space, keyboard, and mouse using disposable wipes available to you before and after use

Print Services...

  • If you wish you ONLY want to print, fax or scan, you do not need to sign in to Accutrack
  • To print from a computer, you must notify the front desk for further assistance and instructions.  You will be asked to move away from your workstation in order for the staff to print your document
  • Printing costs 10 cents per page in black and white, 50 cents per page in color

Fax & Scanning Services...

  • Notify the front desk for further assistance.
  • Place the document(s) on the table next to the printer
  • Fill out a fax cover letter in the social space
  • Place the completed cover letter on the table next to the printer
  • Return to the social space until the fax is complete
  • Retrieve the fax confirmation from the table next to the printer
  • To send a fax, it is $1 per page.  To complete a no-contact transaction, leave funds next to your documents. 
  • To scan, similar process. No fee.

Reserving the Study Room space...

  • Ask the person working the front desk to schedule you to use the study room
  • We encourage all patrons to wipe down their area before and after use
  • Groups no larger than two people allowed at this time

Group and Child polies...

  • Trinfo's occupancy capacity is reduced by 50% - max of 5 in the lab, 6 in the social space, and 2 in the study room
  • Each person in a group is counted as an individual and cannot sit together
  • Children must be accompanied by parent or guardian, can only enter for document services (print, fax or scan), are not allowed to use a computer at this time
  • Children must sit on the sofa until the fax/scan/copy process is complete