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Montessori Magnet School After School Program

Technology For Tykes 

During the Spring 2014 semester students were taught the basics of computers, such as the components of a computer, what is an operating system, what is the internet, internet safety, Microsoft Word, and much more. Below are PowerPoint presentations of what students learned over the course of the spring semester.

Extinct and Endangered Species

In Spring 2014, Nicole Katav and Guadalupe Hernandez worked with Montessori to teach the students about endangered animals. Here are the powerpoints the students created:

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Izabella's final project
Turtle Art

In Spring 2013, the Montessori students learned to use TurtleArt, a program designed to allow the user to create images on the computer. The user creates images by making a series of commands for the turtle to follow, including simple commands like “Right” and “Forward,” and more complex commands like “Arc” and “Repeat.” The kids mastered all these commands and more, learning the basics of geometry and computer programming. In their final projects, the students were instructed to create their an original design using all the commands they’d learned throughout the semester.Check out their practice images and final projects below:

"Me" Video

During the Summer of 2012, 4th- 6th graders from Montessori Magnet School created a short video about themselves using Windows Movie Maker. They also learned to use the webcam to take picture, get images from the internet and manipulate these images on Photoshop. Here is examples of their work!

Modes of Transportation and Arts of The World

The goal of the semester was to introduce Montessori students to PowerPoint Presentation. The themes for this semester were Modes of Transportation and Arts of the World. Each student was required to produce a presentation on something that they have learned and present them to the rest of the class. We have converted these PowerPoint Presentations into movies!