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“I’ll Write That App For You” After School Curriculum

“I’ll Write That App For You” is an eighteen-session, pilot program that uses a user friendly open source development platform called AppInventor, sponsored by Google Research and created at MIT, to build apps for Android smart phones. You can read more about the development and progress of the “I’ll Write That App For You” program by visiting our page on Open Source Collaboration. Below is the timeline for the program. Click on a session number to view the lesson plan for a particular session. If you have any questions about the timeline, the lesson plans, or are interested in using any of these materials for a similar program, please contact Pauline Lake via e-mail at
Week 1 – Session 1 :
                First Hour: Opening/Information Session (Q & A, discuss timeline, app demonstration)
                Second Hour: Getting Started (group assignments, email accounts, set up portfolios, pre-program skills evaluation)
                “I am…” E-mail Assignment
                Session 2:
                App Inventor online resource materials
                Introduction to App Inventor Designer, Blocks Editor, and Emulator
                HelloPurr tutorial with Q & A
Week 2 – Session 3:
                Screen layout and arrangements
                PaintPot tutorial with Q & A
                Session 4:
                Clocks, timers, and global variables
               Create Stop Watch app
Week 3 – Session 5:
                If/Else statements and randomness
               Create Roll the Die app
               Session 6:
               Animation and procedures
               MoleMash tutorial with Q & A
Week 4 – Session 7:
                Keeping Score and Adding comments in App Inventor
                Review tutorials with class “quiz”
                Session 8:
                Activity starters, lists, and tiny web databases
               *create/find apps to use as tutorials
Week 5 – Session 9:
                App Inventor and Basic CS Principles Review
                Create a Game Assignment
                Session 10:
                Continue working on game app
Week 6 – Session 11:
                Finalize game app
                Begin Global Positioning System (GPS)
                Final Project Proposal Assignment
                Session 12:
                Game App Due
                Complete GPS
Week 7 – Session 13:
                Final Project Proposal Due
                Screenshot drawings of final project
                Begin working on final project
                Session 14:
                Continue working on final project
Week 8 – Session 15:
                Continue working on final project
                Session 16:
                Continue working on final project
                Sharing and peer evaluations of final project
Week 9 – Session 17:
                Finalize project
                Finalize portfolio
                Session 18:
                Final Project Due
                Final project presentations with celebration
               Program evaluation
(Note: Parent attendance is mandatory for this final session.