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Vote! Vote! Vote! Was a Theme for CHER this Fall

Fostering engaged voters among the Trinity and Hartford communities was an important focus for us this fall. “We create and provide opportunities for community service and civic engagement in part for students to understand that citizenship is an active existence that transcends mere national identity.  It is a philosophy and a way of life that demands positive involvement in the civic sphere by all of us.  Free and fair voting is one of the foundational tenets of such a system,” writes Joe Barber, Director of the Office of Community Service and Civic Engagement. Barber, along with Carlos Espinosa, Director of Trinfo Cafe and the Office of Community Relations, served as a leader of TrinVotes this year.

TrinVotes is a nonpartisan initiative to encourage the Trinity community to vote by making voting more accessible and by educating the community about upcoming elections. Abigail Fisher Williamson, Director of CHER, served on the TrinVotes committee this Fall as well. 

A student holding up a ballot in front of the Chapel.
A student holds up a ballot in front of the Trinity College Chapel. Photo credit: @TrinVotes Instagram.

In addition to the diligent work of the TrinVotes coalition, students in the Community Action Gateway first year seminar course “Envisioning Social Change” worked with community partners on voter engagement projects this semester. Assistant Professor of Educational Studies Stefanie Wong said, “The course allows students to gain a deeper understanding of social inequity and systematic oppression and learn from and alongside community organizations in the Hartford area that are working to challenge inequities and work for social change.” (Quote from Trinity news article by Emma Sternberg ’21). Three out of five groups in the class worked with community partners focused on voting. Students worked with the Hartford Votes-Hartford Vota Coalition, Blue Ribbon Strategies, and Moral Monday CT  on social media projects related to voting. 

We’re proud of the work our team and students put in this semester to ensure everyone in our community was informed, aware, and engaged in the election this year.