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Community Service

Trinity College’s Office of Community Service and Civic Engagement works with hundreds of students a year, encouraging future civic leaders to get involved in a broad range of social issues and to build and maintain strong, sustainable community partnerships in Hartford. This year, we are pleased to announce the following five recipients of our Honors Day Awards.

Samuel S. Fishzohn Award for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (Lucemy Perez ’21)

Lucemy Perez ’20. Repost from @trincolleros Instagram.

The Samuel S. Fishzohn Awards for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties was established in 1966 in memory of Samuel S. Fishzohn, Class of 1925, a prominent figure in social work and welfare. The award is given each year to at least one student who has worked with dedication in civil rights, civil liberties or race relations. This year’s recipient, Lucemy Perez is a senior at Trinity, currently pursuing a BA and MA in American Studies from the college. Lucemy said, “I plan on pursuing a PhD in the field as well. During my time at Trinity, I have been a senator and class president on SGA and have been social chair and president for Encouraging Respect of Sexualities (EROS). Currently, I work at WGRAC as Masculinity Project co-Coordinator, the Queer Resource Center, the Writing Center, Event Support, and was the campus marketing representative for Hotspots Hartford. Outside of what I do on campus, I am a writer and artist, and am passionate about community and organizing.”

The Samuel S. Fishzohn Award for Community Service (Weyessa “Ace” McAlister ’20 and Tulsi Sumukadas ’20)

The Samuel S. Fishzohn Awards for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties was established in 1966 in memory of Samuel S. Fishzohn, Class of 1925, a prominent figure in social work and welfare. Awards are given each year to at least one student who has demonstrated initiative and creativity in community service related to important social issues. This year’s receipients are Ace McAlister ’20 and Tulsi Sumukadas ’20.

McAlister is giving back to his home country of Ethiopia through the charity that he founded, H2OPE TC, a Trinity College organization dedicated to raising both funds and attention towards the lack of clean water in rural villages of Ethiopia.  The mission is to raise enough money to build a water well in Ethiopia to bring clean water to those in need. In order to make that goal a reality, he partnered with Drop of Water, an NGO that builds wells using the funding of organizations such as H2OPE. They have held multiple successful fundraising events this school year and are on their way to reaching the amount of money needed to build the well. He gives talks about water treatment to various groups on and off campus and at local schools in CT and MA, and to groups like Capitol Squash.  Ace also works with Engineers Without Borders Hartford, along with some classmates. A project they were working on was designing a storm water collection system to implement in Tanzania this summer.

Tulsi Sumukadas ’20 and Ari Basche

Tulsi Sumukadas ’20 has been involved in Hartford engagement work as the new coordinator of student-led community events at Trinfo Café, volunteer work with the Trinity Homelessness Project, and more fantastic work as a Health Fellow and with the Biology Club on campus and in Hartford. Tulsi said, “One of the reasons that I wanted to work at Trinfo and get involved in community service was to make sure I had opportunities to get off campus. I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to organize an event and reach out to a lot of different groups.”

The Alexander A. Goldfarb Award for Community Service (Erin Evangelista ‘20)

Erin Evangelista ’20 with Brooke Agro ’20, Joe Barber, and Hands on Hartford’s Wanda Guzman

The Alexander A. Goldfarb Award for Community Service is awarded jointly by the City of Hartford and Trinity College to the Trinity student who, through community service, has done the most during this current year to benefit the City of Hartford and its citizens. This year, Erin has shown incredible leadership in her roles in the Trinity Homelessness Project, Doctors Without Borders, and more. In addition to her leadership with student-led clubs, Erin is also an Opioid & Health Educator in the Trinity College Health Center and has served in a number of other roles in service and health while at Trinity.

The St. Anthony Hall Community Service Award (Timothy Bogomolov ’20)

Tim Bogomolov ’20 and friends prepare for trick-or-treaters during Halloween on Vernon Street.

The St. Anthony Hall Community Service Award was established by the St. Anthony Trust of Hartford. It is awarded annually to a Trinity College fraternity or sorority member who has demonstrated initiative, creativity, and commitment in the areas of service, activism, and/or civic engagement during the academic year. In conjunction with this award, a financial contribution will be made in the recipient’s name to support a nonprofit organization or community programming initiative of his or her own choosing. This year’s recipient is Tim Bogomolov ’20 who is the Chair of Campus involvement for Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity where he has organized a blood drive with the American Red Cross, organized a community outreach barbecue with the Trinity College Men of Color Alliance, volunteered during Halloween on Vernon Street, volunteered at Cinestudio, and more.

Congratulations to Lucemy, Ace, Tulsi, Erin, and Tim! We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.