“Pedal for the Pastries” Bike Tour of Hartford Bakeries, Sat Sept 14th

Jack and JoeCome ride with Jack Dougherty and Joe Dickerson on the “Pedal for the Pastries” Slow Roll Bike Tour of Hartford bakeries on Saturday September 14th, 2019.

9:30am — meet up at CHER offices, 70 Vernon Street, Trinity College

10:00am — or meet up at our first stop at BiCiCo, 97 Park Street

10am-12 noon — ride and sample Hartford bakeries and pastries from around the globe on our bike route, TBA

Guaranteed to be a calorie-neutral experience (if you pedal and eat small portions).

This is a friendly slow roll bike ride, around 10-12 mph, to help people learn how to bike around Hartford, and to build a stronger sense of community.

Bring your bike and helmet, OR Trinity will pay for up to 7 students/staff/faculty to borrow a bike and helmet from BiCiCo, if you mail by Thursday September 12th. BiCiCo will provide a mobile bike mechanic to help out with minor repairs.

Optional: Sign up on our Facebook event page

Co-sponsored by the Center for Hartford Engagement and Research (CHER) at Trinity College and, Hartford’s community bike shop, a project of the Center for Latino Progress.