Designing a Communications Plan for Community Engagement Workshop by Erica Crowley

When we launched the Center for Hartford Engagement and Research (CHER) a year ago, one of our highest priorities was hiring a communications and data specialist to help us strengthen relationships between the campus and community partners. Erica Crowley joined the CHER team in August 2018 and brought valuable skills as a community organizer who directed a successful grassroots and social media campaign with reproductive rights organizations, and who had built strong relationships working with several other groups across the city. Right away, she led us in developing and carrying out a communications plan that effectively “tells our stories” and engages diverse audiences. Looking back over CHER’s first year, Erica guided our team to produce over 90 blog posts, 30 YouTube videos, 9 newsletters with Spanish summaries, and around 1,000 social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instragram.

On June 21st, Erica presented a one-hour interactive workshop on “Designing a Communications Plan for Community Engagement” for a gathering of the Community Engagement Professional Network (CEPN), sponsored by Campus Compact for Southern New England, and hosted at Quinnipiac University. She walked us through the steps behind clarifying your mission, designing a content calendar, and matching various digital and print platforms with different types of audiences. To learn more, check out her presentation slides.

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