our mission

Bridging Multiple Divides

Trinfo.Café continues forging connections between the city’s many stakeholders and Trinity students, faculty, and staff.

For more than 20 years, we have worked with over 150 community partners, over 12,000 residents, and hundreds of Trinity College students, faculty, and staff to bridge the digital, spatial, and cultural divides that historically have separated the city and the College.   

Our tech origins

Founded to Bridge
the Digital Divide

While Trinity delivers educational services with state-of-the-art technology, only 36% of the College’s immediate neighbors have access to the Internet. Trinfo.Café evolved out of the desire to rectify this inequality by serving local residents, civic organizations, and small businesses. Before Trinfo.Café, the Trinity Information Exchange (TIE) was created in 1996 to connect arts and educational organizations.

TIE provided WWW and email support as well as computer literacy training for local non-profits. Trinity students helped these organizations develop computer skills and websites. TIE also participated in the Hartford Housing Authority’s “Campus of Learners” initiative, which provided IT support to Hartford residents in subsidized housing. Smart Neighborhoods and Trinfo.Café replaced TIE in 1999; a broader IT operation that keeps Trinity actively involved with the community’s IT needs.

Today, Trinfo.Café enables patrons to comprehend and value computer technology by tailoring computer classes to their professional needs and by demonstrating how computers, the Internet, Microsoft Office programs, and now the Cloud can be utilized to achieve personal and professional organizational tasks. Trinfo.Café aims to encourage organizations to take advantage of available, external grant funding that will allow them to independently address technical support issues and procure independence. This is an important goal for the sustainability of computer technology within these organizations.

Our Team

Professional & Student Staff

Carlos Espinosa

Carlos Espinosa

Office of Community Relations & Trinfo.Cafe
Cynthia Mena

Cynthia Mena

Program Manager
Office of Community Relations & Trinfo.Cafe
academic connections

Connections Between
The Center for Hartford Engagement Programs

Student Research @ Trinfo

Trinity Students regularly intern at or conduct independent community-based research projects with Trinfo.Cafe

Community Learning Courses @ Trinfo

Trinfo.Cafe staff support faculty and students through Trinity courses that integrate a community learning component. These courses span a wide range of academic programs and departments.

Student Recruitment @ Trinfo

Trinfo.Cafe serves as a pipeline connecting community minded students to CHER academic programs like the Liberal Arts Action Lab & Community Learning

Community Service Connections @ Trinfo

Trinfo student staff partner with campus student clubs every semester on a variety of events and projects, including programming support to the JZ-AMP mentoring program